This award came from from the Federal funds allocated through the American Rescue Act Plan of 2021.

The Spokane Board of County Commissioners unanimously awarded the funds on July 12th.

The funds will be used to replace the old oxygen system (aerator/Speece cone) in the lake, which should help control lake algae. Also, included is a new alum distribution system. The project will get underway as soon as the ARP staff contract with Spokane County Public Works.

A huge thank you to Commissioner Kerns and his Executive Assistant, Ron Valencia, for supporting the Newman Lake project and guiding the NLFCZD through the process; and to Senator Padden, who strongly backed the project. Further, numerous Spokane County staff worked diligently to pull together a well written and well thought out proposal for consideration by the Spokane County Commissioners.

There needs to be significant credit given to Karen Stebbins, who as chair or of the NLFCZD AB (Advisory Board), lobbied heavily for the funding. AB members, as well as the NLPOA political outreach group, also pushed for funding.


Thanks to each of you who filled out the ARP survey last winter; it was our community’s strong showing that made an enormous difference in winning approval for the project!

There’s a lot of good things happening around the lake – it’s amazing what can happen when we all pull together!

NLFCZD AB: Karen Stebbins (Chair), Dan Clark, LeaAnn Gould, Stephanie Kennedy, Polly Phipps, Jim Quigley; Steve Schleer.