Beaver Dam Analogs - Thompson Creek

Thompson Creek Beaver Dam Analog (BDA) Project

Partnerships for Phosphorus Load Reduction Beaver Dam Analog Project at Thompson Creek

  • The Lands Council
  • Gonzaga University
  • Spokane Conservation District
  • Newman Lake POA
  • Spokane County District Staff

What is a Beaver Dam Analog?

  • Wood posts embedded in stream with willows woven between the posts
  • Reduce stream flow velocity (speed)
  • Reduce streambank erosion
  • Reduce sediment transport
  • Traps sediment behind BDA
  • Reduce phosphorus load reaching lake
  • Create ponds, pools, and wetlands
  • Passable to fish
  • Improves floodplain connectivity

Location of Thompson Creek BDA(s)

The Concept Plan for Phosphorus Load Reduction at Thompson Creek is detailed here and will be updated as more information becomes concrete and available.