Hello Newman Lake Community,A big Thank you to those who have been communicating with District staff regarding the recent algae outbreak.  We appreciate your concern and the time you’ve taken to send in photos, and notify us of the algae locations.

Two water samples have been taken during this outbreak, one on August 11th at Sutton Bay, which was negative , and one was taken on August 18th at Shadow Bay which was also negative! .

Also, GREAT NEWS on this topic! We now have a community volunteer who has a handful of test kits at her Newman Lake home. She will be our point of contact to come take a sample, and get it off to the lab, for the duration of the summer algae season. This will provide a more rapid response (as algae blooms can dissipate before District Staff can get out to the lake to take a sample), and will save District budget dollars by avoiding the 3-5 hours required for Staff to collect and ship a sample.

So, if you see an algal bloom, please send your name, a photo, and the location by text message to:
Dawson Matthews (County staff engineer)
(509) 867-8017

Please be cautious around the lake water, at this time, and stay safe!

Colleen S. Little, P.E.
Environmental Programs and Floodplain Manager, and,
Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District Manager
Spokane County Public Works Department
(509) 638-5895