Scott Weyrauch’s Go Fund Me page!

Scott’s devastating diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) has created a nightmare that he and his family are not able to wake up from. Having been the sole, self employed provider for his family has left a huge financial void that just keeps getting larger and larger. Scott’s wife has been the caregiver of their special needs son, and is now taking on the role of caregiver to Scott. In addition to the everyday expenses of life, like power and house payments, and insurances… there is not even close to enough to go around. Several sale attempts have been beneficial, but compound daily expenses with ever mounting medical bills, and the stress is overwhelming. Stress is not beneficial to ALS patients.

Scott’s family has listed their home for sale. Funds are needed to prevent the loss of this home if it does not sell quickly. Add to that, trying to pay not only Scott’s co pays and insurance but also the insurance premiums for Eileen as her health declines from the stress and lack of sleep that comes with being the caregiver of an ALS patient. As the medical bills continue to rise, so do the unrelenting bill collector calls that just add another level of stress which can also exacerbate the ALS symptoms. As Scott has already progressed to a ventilator at night as well as multiple tube feedings, the collective stress is taking its toll.

Scott’s years of unrelenting service to his community and those around him have left a very sad void that he is no longer able to fill. He spent years serving families as a Foster Parent. He has served as a Cubmaster and for many, many years as Scoutmaster. Scott also served as a baseball coach. He has enjoyed his time as a Grange member and as part of our local SCOPE group. Scott’s proudest community service was to the local fire department as a volunteer. He LOVED every part of this. His saddest realization since his diagnosis was that he could no longer serve as a part of that team. They retired Scott from the fire department with 25 years of service.

Scott’s concerns over having to relocate are a daily worry. The sooner we can help him and his family out of their financial hole, the quicker he can concentrate on his daily quality of life. This is a big ask, and we would not be doing this if this exceptional man did not deserve it