Thank you Sunshine Disposal and over 50 Volunteers who collected over 20 yards of trash and 100 feet of abandoned docks in Newman Lake!

very special thank you to the following volunteers.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Dock Crew – Rock Stars ✨

John, Cannon & Ryder Clemons

Scott Krentel – Justin Stormogipson

Ben & Laura Kaiser (working in the water) and their kids Dane and Piper

David Schreiber – Nancy & Lee Tate

Kelly Gufford -Stephanie Kennedy

Staci Lehman – Tom & Karen Stebbins

Nicola Davies & family – Renee Greenman

Tim and Dianne Lemley – Colin & Carol Lampard

Polly Phipps – Rochelle Miller

Tom Ruffles (and Lou) – Cheryl Ryan

Danny O’Neill – Corey Peterson

Pat & Pam O’Connor – Connor Bly

Monica & Brad Elsesser – Katie Rushforth-Winters

Deb Davis – Linda Schultz

Beaver Dam Analog Project: Gonzaga design students https://newmanlakewa.com/beaver-dam-analogs/

Love Newman Lake

Spokane Conservation District – Lindsay Chutas

Spokane County NL Engineers – Dawson Matthews and Malcom Hamilton

Newman Lake Fire Department – Chief Stan Cooke, staff, board and volunteers