Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District

Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District

The Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District was formed in 1968. The District is supervised by the Spokane County Board of County Commissioners who support an unpaid five member (plus 3 alternative members) to an Advisory Board. The County Engineer administers the District for the Advisory Board and the Board of County Commissioners.

Citizen concerns and interests have driven the mission of the District since its formation in 1968. It now covers a broad range of watershed issues from flood control and water quality improvement to watershed management.

The District was formed under RCW 86.15, Flood Control Zone Districts. The Spokane County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) are ex-officio, by virtue of their office, supervisors of the District. Also per RCW 86.15, the Spokane County Engineer administers the District. The District has a 5-member (plus 3 alternate members) Advisory Board. Members are appointed by the BCC and serve without pay.

History of the NLFCZD – CLICK HERE


Mission Statement

  • To maintain and operate Newman Lake flood control facilities and manage the lake level to serve the needs of homeowners, farmers, recreationists and others.
  • To provide leadership and a focus for community efforts to improve water quality of Newman Lake.
  • To work with landowners, public and private agencies to minimize impact of watershed activities on lake water quality.
  • To monitor lake water quality and operate and maintain the lake aeration and alum injection systems to maximize their benefit.
  • To control invasive species while minimizing disruption to use of the lake by homeowners and recreational users

To this end, the District has the following continuing objectives:

  • Maintain and operate the flood control facilities to manage the lake level.
  • Maintain and operate the aeration and alum injection systems, while continuing to monitor water quality for effectiveness.
  • Implement the Comprehensive Plan of Development for Stormwater Control in the Newman Lake Watershed with the assistance of the Newman Lake Watershed Committee (NLWSC) and the Newman Lake Property Owners Association (NLPOA).
  • Continue to work with the citizens of the watershed committee and look at ways to improve Newman Lake watershed management and water quality.
  • Control Eurasian water milfoil infestation with periodic surveys and treatments as required.
  • Continue to be a resource for landowners with questions and concerns about Newman Lake levels and water quality.
  • Meet with the Advisory Board bi-monthly to discuss district issues and management.

Advisory Board Members

Newman Lake Flood Control Zone District (NLFCZD)
Advisory Board Members:
Position 1 – (Voting):  Karen Stebbins 509-869-0344 cell
Position 2 – (Voting):  Lee Tate
Position 3 – (Voting):  Suzanne O’Connell
Position 4 – (Voting):  Dennis Rewinkel
Position 5 – (Voting):  OPEN
Alternate 1 – (Non-Voting):  Karen Lee Taff
Alternate 2 – (Non-Voting):  OPEN
Alternate 3 – (Non-Voting):  OPEN